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Mohmmad Aqa Arefi

Detailed information

Full Name: Mohmmad Aqa Arefi
Father's Name: Ghulam Hussain Arefi
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Marital Status: Engaged
Ethnicity: Hazara
Occupation: Lecturer at University
Was living in: Barchi, West Kabul, Afdghanistan
Killed on: June 1, 2021
Killed in: Bomb explosion
Perpetrators: Uncleared
Buried in: Hazara graveyard west Kabul
Country: Afghanistan
Telephone: Yes
E-mail Address: No
Consent letter:

Mohmmad Aqa Arefi, victim of

Explosion in Coaster 01-06-2021

At least 10 civilians were killed and 12 injured in a car bomb explosion in a Toyota Coaster van in the Sar-e-Karez area of western Kabul. No one has taken responsibility.

بر اثر انفجار یک بمب جاسازی شده در یک وانت تویوتا کاستر در منطقه سرکاریز در غرب کابل، دست کم ۱۰ نفر کشته و ۱۲ نفر زخمی شدند. تا هنوز کسی مسئولیت را بر عهده نگرفته است.