Hazara Genocide Archive

A short overview of the Hazara genocide

For more than a century, the Hazaras have been subjected to genocide in various ways. At times, official armies were used by monarchs and lords. The imprisoned Hazaras would be left to languish in jails before being hanged by the country’s rulers. Illegal armed groups and warlords have all played a role in this persecution, while Kochi’s ferocity was unparalleled. Religious justifications of many kinds were used to justify the genocide; Hazaras were and continue to be declared infidels and slain as a result of decrees made by religious scholars.

The justifications and methods of genocide may have changed over the years, and perpetrators may have adopted new names and identities, but the reality has not, at least not in the previous century. What the Hazaras have been through cannot be adequately defined by any other term but “Genocide.” Since 1880 A.D., Hazaras have been killed, and the murdering rampage continues. The perpetrators of the genocide may try everything they can to muddle things up, but the world is watching GENOCIDE unfold right in front of its eyes. Sections of the Hazara were able to resist and protect themselves against the murders on occasion, but to eradicate the problem, a collective and far deeper examination of the situation is required. The goal of this website is to collaborate with others to collect and archive all pertinent materials that document the Hazara genocide, which has lasted more than a century. Nothing – not their race, nor their visual traits, not their purported religious affiliation – should justify the murder of innocent human beings.

The Hazara Genocide Archive, accessible at www.hazaragenocide.com, requests and welcomes the assistance of anybody who opposes these senseless killings.
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Some of the information, such as phone numbers and emails, may have changed, vanished, or are no longer available. Everything you read here, however, is based on a list provided by people in the field, which was added here at the time of receipt. A portion of the victims’ data, such as photos and videos, is a combination of our own and copies of previously publicized ones. 

تذکر کوتاه

بیشتر از یک قرن است که هزاره ها کشته می شوند. گاهی امیران و شاهان با لشکرکشی، گاهی رؤسای جمهور با پوسانیدن در کنج زندانها و آویختن به چوبه های دار، گاهی قومندان های جهادی توسط افراد مسلح، گاهی کوچی ها با تهاجم، گاهی مفتی های دینی با فتوا و انتحار و… این مردم را به قتل رسانیده اند. هرچندی که این قتل عام ها توسط آدمهای مختلف و با روشهای متفاوت صورت گرفته اند، اما در نفس استراتیژی یعنی «کشتار هزاره ها» در طی حد اقل یک صد و سی سال اخیر، هیچ تغییری دیده نمی شود. هزاره ها از سال ۱۸۹۰ میلادی تا کنون کشته شده اند و مدام کشته می شوند که این کشتارها شباهت روشنِ با نسل کشی دارد. مدیران قتل عام هزاره ها، این قتل عام را بعضن به چیزهای مانند نا امنی کلی، جنگ میان اقوام و مواردی از این قبیل نسبت می دهند ـ اما واقعیت این است که این کشتارهای مکرر شباهت آشکار با نسل کشی دارد.

تیم بایگانی کشتار هزاره ها تلاش دارد تا با همکاری مردم تمام اسنادی که به نحوی بتواند نسل کشی هزاره ها را در طی یک و نیم قرن اخیر ثابت کنند، جمع آوری نموده و در اینجا آرشیف کند. در این راستا، این تیم همکاری تمام هموطنانی را خواستار است که قتل انسان برای شان قابل قبول و قابل توجیه نیست.

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