Hazara Genocide Archive

A Concise Chronology of Attacks on Hazara Civilians in Pakistan

Some of the dates may be off by one or more days, and the number of casualties may fluctuate. We regret in advance if such inaccuracies are discovered or confirmed. Such inaccuracies are possible because the data was acquired in an irregular manner.

Google Map – (the location of attacks mapped on Google Map)

Data source: Dada source: azara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE)

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Date   Location, type of attack, number of victims etc.

The individual victims who have been targeted in different places and on different dates and methods

03-01-2021 Mach Bolan – 10 coal miners killed by gunmen in Mach, Bolan district, Quetta. ISIS claimed responsibility

22-04-2018 Baypass near Hazara Town Quetta. Gunmen in a car open fire on a personal car carrying two Hazaras and killing both on the spot

09-10-2017 Kansi Road, Quetta – 4 killed by gunmen

09-09-2017 Kuchlak, Quetta – Gunmen fired on a Taxi and killed 3 passenger. Taliban

23-10-2014 Hazarganji – 9 vegetable sellers killed by gumen in Hazarganji vegetable market, Quetta – Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) claimed responsibility 

04-10-2014 Aliabad Chawk – 7 civilians killed in a bomb blast in Aliabad chowk, New Hazara Town Quetta.  LeJ

08-06-2014 Taftan (Iran/Pakistan Bordertown) – 30 travelers killed in suicide attacks on two hotels in Taftan. Jesh-ul-Islam 

14-04-2014 Brewery Road – 8 civilinas killed in gunfire on a passenger van. LeJ

21-01-2014 Mastung – 28 travelers killed and 37 wounded in bomb blast in passenger bus. LeJ

01-11-2013 Coal miners Mahch – 5 killed by gunmen

30-06-2013 Balkhi Chawk – 27 civilians killed in bomb blast in Balkhi Chawk, New Hazara Town Quetta Pakistan. LeJ

16-02-2013 Kirani Road Hazara Town – 92 civilians killed and 190 injured in a heavy bomb explosion. LeJ 

10-01-2013 Alamdar Road – 81 civilians killed and 121 injured in bomb blast near of a Snooker Club in Alamdar Raod, Quetta. LeJ

12-11-2012 Mach City – Gunmen opened fire on two Hazara coal miners in the city of Mach and killed both on the sport. Unknown

21-04-2012 Brewery Road, Quetta – 2 killed by gunmen

09-04-2012 Price Road, Quetta – 6 killed by gunmen 

29-03-2012 Spinny Road – Gunmen opened fire on a passenger van and killed 7 Hazara passanger. LeJ

20-09-2011 Quetta-Taftan Bus – 26 Hazara travelers single out from other passengers in a linebus and killed. LeJ

21-08-2011 Gulistan Town, Alamdar Road Quetta – 11 civilians killed and 20 wounded in suicide attack and car-bomb. LeJ

30-07-2011 Spinny Road – Gunmen opened fire on a Suzuki and killed 11 Hazara passengers in Spinny Road, Quetta Pakistan. LeJ

06-05-2011 Hazara Graveyard – Gunmen killed 6 young boys playing football at the cemetery. LeJ

18-05-2011 Hazarganji – 6 vegetable sellers killed by gunmen in Gawhar Abad, kili Kamalo, Quetta. Lej

03-09-2010 Mezan Chawk – 53 civilians killed and 195 wounded in bomb blast and suicide attack on Joloos Youm-ul-Quds. LeJ

21-03-2010 Western Paypass Quetta – 3 killed in gumfire attack

02-12-2009 Pir Ghaib picnic spot – 2 killed and 2 injured 

14-01-2009 Sariab Road – 3 Hazara policemen shot dead by gunmen in Sariab Road, Quetta Pakistan. LeJ

02-03-2004 Liaquat Bazar, Quetta – 53 killed in suicide attack on Ashura Joloo and injured 65 others. LeJ

04-07-2003 Imambarga-e-Kalan – 51 prayers killed in suicide attack on Imambarga-e-Kalan in Quetta City. LeJ

08-06-2003 Twelve police officers killed by gunmen in Sariab Road, Quetta Pakistan. LeJ