Hazara Genocide Archive

A Concise Chronology of Attacks on Hazara Civilians Across Afghanistan

Some of the dates may be off by one or more days, and the number of casualties may fluctuate. We regret in advance if such inaccuracies are discovered or confirmed. Such inaccuracies are possible because the data was acquired in an irregular manner.

Google Map – (the location of attacks mapped on Google Map)

Data source: Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE)

رهنمود پیشگیری و مبارزه با جرم اختطاف

تهیه کننده: علی تای میرکشته

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Date      Location, type of attack, number of victims etc.

The individual victims who have been targeted in different places and on different dates and methods

29-04-2024 Imamzaman Mosque, Herat – 6 killed ISIS

11-01-2024 Barchi City Center West Kabul

06-01-2024 Qala-e-Naazir, Barchi – killed 7 and injured 14 other. ISIS

01-12-2023 Jibrail town, Herat province killed 9 civilian and injured many others  

07-11-2023 Mahtab Qala – Magnetic bomb at Minibus killed 7 and injured many other – ISIS

07-11-2023 Siah Sang, Lal-Sarjangal district in Ghor province – 2 killed

26-10-2023 Millat Sports Club, West Kabul – 6 killed and 12 injured – ISIS 

13-10-2023 Pol-e-Khomri Mosque in Baghlan province – 20 killed and 60 injured – ISIS

01-08-2023 Joy-e-Naw, Shashper and other villages in Oruzgan province

28-07-2023 Ashura in Ghazni Province – Taliban killed 02 Hazara teenagers and 10 injured

23-02-2023 Three Hazara coal miners were killed in Kahmard District of Bamiyan Province

24-11-2022 Sewak, Daykundi – Taliban killed 08 Hazaras in the Sewak village in Daikundi province

30-09-2022 Kaaj Educational Center – suicide attack killed 53 and injured over 100 students

06-08-2022 Pol-e-Sokhta West Kabul – Bomb explosion killed 13 and injured 27 others – ISIS

05-08-2022 Sar-e-Karez West Kabul – bomb explosion killed 25 and injured 30 others – ISIS

26-06-2022 Charasyab village, Ghor province – Taliban killed 6 and wounded 2 Hazaras

25-05-2022 Mazar-e-Sharif – Explosion in TownAce minibus killed 9 and injured 15 people – ISIS

24-05-2022 Naqqash Barchi, West Kabul – Magnetic bomb in a Toyota Town Ace killed 4 and injured 8 others

30-04-2022 Magnetic bomb blast in Toyota Coaster near Dehbori Squire killed 3 passengers (Uncleared)

28-04-2022 Mazar-e-Sharif – Magnetic bomb in mini-bus killed 11 and injured 13 other – ISIS

27-04-2022 Dara-e-Suf district, Samangan province North Afghanistan killed 5 Hazara coal miners

21-04-2022 Se-dokan quarter in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif – 28 killed and dozens injured in a bomb blast. ISIS

19-04-2022 Abdurahim Shahid School – Killed 25 and injured tens other

01-04-2022 Jibrail-e-herat – 6 killed and 25 injured in a bomb blast at a playground – ISIS 

22-01-2022 Haji Abbas-e-Herat – bomb blast in a local bus killed 7 and injured 10 others. ISIS

17-11-2021 Magnetic bomb blast in minibus in “Shahid” intersection in Zone 3 Kabul, killed 3 and injured 4. ISIS

17-11-2021 Naqash area in Barchi, Zone 13 Kabul, magnetic bomb blast in TownAce minibus killed 4 and injured 2 people. ISIS

13-11-2021 Magnetic bomb-blast in a minibus in Mahtab-Qala Barchi, West Kabul, killed 4 civilians

15-10-2021 Kandahar Imam Bargah – Suicide attack killed 65 and injured more than 70 people

08-10-2021 Kundoz – Explosion in Mosque in Sayedabad, Kunduz province – killed 68 – ISIS

23-08-2021 Khedir Daykundi. Taliban attacked one of Daykundi’s villages called Khedir, and killed 14 civilians

10-07-2021 Shirdagh Malistan. 4 civilians killed by Taliban in the village of Khoshhal, Shirdagh Malistan, Afghanistan 

01-07-2021 Malistan – 43 civilians killed under Taliban attack on villages of Malistan district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan

12-06-2021 Two explosions of magnatic bomb on a minibus, killed 7 and injured 6 others. ISIS claimed the responsibility

03-06-2021 Explosion in Minibus in Pool-e-Sokhta killed 4 and injured 7 others

01-06-2021 Explosion in a Toyota Coaster van in Sar-e-Karez, West Kabul killed 10, injured 12. Unknown 

08-05-2021 Sayed-o-Shuhada Public School, West Kabul. Killed 91 Students, injured 147. Bomb explosion, to be determined

14-03-2021 Two explosions in “Pool-e Sokhta” & “Sar-e-Kariz” areas of Kabul city, killed 3 and injured 10 others 

29-01-2021 Besud, Hiss-e-Awal, Maidan Wardak Province. Government military forces opened fire on the crowd and killed 11 and injured 31 civilians 

24-11-2020 Bamyan Central City. 14 civilians killed in Bomb Explosion by ISIS

10-07-2020 Rocket shelling by Taliban killed 8 and wounded 7 civilians in Nawabad Ghazni

24-10-2020 Kawsar-e-Danish Educational Centre. Killed 43 Students. Suicide attack, ISIS

12-05-2020 Maternity Hospital in West Kabul. Killed 24 Newborn, unborn Children & personal. Gunmen fire, ISIS

06-03-2020 Abdul Ali Mazari’s Memorial Ceremony, West Kabul. Killed 27 Civilians. Gunmen fired, Taliban

17-08-2019 Wedding Ceremony in a Wedding Hall. The suicide attack killed 70 and injured 180 guests, ISIS

02-05-2019 Chirgi village, Qarabagh district – gunmen killed 3 Hazara passengers and injured 3 others

07-03-2019 Abdul Ali Mazari’s Memorial Ceremony, West Kabul. Killed 6 and wounded 37 civilians. Gunfire by ISIS

12-11-2018 Malik Asghar Square Kabul Central City. ISIS suicide bombers attack killed 6 and injured 20 civil protesters

09-11-2018 Malistan Distric, Ghazni Province. Killed 46 Civilians. Armed attack, Taliban

07-11-2018 Jaghori Distric, Ghazni Province. Killed 90 Civilians. Armed attack, Taliban

27-10-2018 Urozgan-e-Khas Central City. Killed 31 Civilians. Armed attack, Taliban

06-10-2018 Lal-o-Sare Jangal, Asad Abad village, Ghor Province, killed 9, Government Military

06-09-2018 Maiwand Sports Club, West Kabul. Killed 26 Civilians. Suicide attack, ISIS

15-08-2018 Mauwoud Academy, West Kabul. Killed 57 Students. Suicide attack, ISIS

21-04-2018 Tazkira (ID Card) Registration Center, West Kabul. Killed 57 Civilians. Suicide attack, ISIS

21-03-2018 Karte Sakhi Mosque Kabul City. Killed 31 Civilians. Suicide attack, ISIS

21-03-2018 Karte Sakhi Nowroz Ceremony, Suicide attack killed 32 Civilians. ISIS

09-03-2018 Abdul Ali Mazari’s Memorial Ceremony, West Kabul. Killed 9 and injured 18 civilians. Suicide attack, ISIS

31-12-2017 Mehdi Library in Jibrail Herat. Killed 5 Students and civilians. Bomb explosion. To be determined

28-12-2017 Tebiyan Cultural Center, West Kabul. Suicide attack Killed 41 and injured 84 civilians. ISIS

20-10-2017 Imam-e-Zaman Mosque Barchi, West Kabul. Killed 52 Civilians. Armed & Suicide attacks, ISIS

27-09-2017 Qalaye Fatehullah Mosque in Kabul. Killed 5 Civilians. Gunmen fired, ISIS

25-08-2017 Imam-e-Zaman Mosque Khairkhana, North Kabul. Killed 28 and wounded 50 civilians. Armed & Suicide attack by ISIS

05-08-2017 Mirza Walang village in Sar-e-Pool Province. Killed 52 Civillians. A commen armed attack by Taliban and ISIS

01-08-2017 Jawadia Mosque in Jibrail Herat. Killed 32 Civilians. Suicide attck, ISIS

24-07-2017 Ministry of Mines. Killed 35 mostly high educated Hazara. Suicide attck, Taliban

15-06-2017 Al-Zahra Mosque in West Kabul. Killed 6 Civilians. Suicide attck, ISIS

06-06-2017 Bomb Explosion in Masjid Jame Herat killed 7 Civilians, ISIS

16-03-2017 Miyandara, Sar-e-Pol province – ISIS gunmen ambushed on roadside and shot 3 Hazara civilians as they were passing

06-01-2017 Tala & Barfak in Baghlan Province. Killed 14 Coalminers. Gunmen fired, to be determined

21-11-2016 Baqir-ul-Oloom Mosque in West Kabul. Killed 32 Civilians. Suicide attack explosion, ISIS

14-10-2016 Khaja Ghulak Mosque in city of Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province. Killed 14 Civilians. Bomb explosion, ISIS

11-10-2016 Karte Sakhi Ziyarat in Kabul. Killed 18 Civilians. Suicide attck by ISIS

23-07-2016 Junbish-e-Roshnayee, Dehmazang Square Kabul – 84 protesters, mostly University Students killed in two bomb blast, ISIS

20-01-2016 TOLO TV’s journalists – 7 members of Tolo TV’s journalists killed in suicide attack by Taliban 

09-11-2015 Shukria Tabassum. 7 Hazara travelers hostages and beheaded by ISIS

03-10-2015 Kundoz, Pul-e-Achin – Taliban gunmen killed 2 Hazara passengers 

02-07-2015 Jalrez District, Wardak Province. Killed 22 Hazara Policemen. Armed attack, Taliban

11-04-2015 Khogiyani. Roadside bomb blast killed 12 Hazara travelers

01-04-2014 Baghawi sare-e-pol province killed 9 Hazara and one critically injured Taliban

30-07-2012 Kundelan, Urozgan province of Afghanistan

25-06-2010 Baghchar Village, Urozgan province – 9 Hazaras beheaded by Taliban

00-00-2008 Dasht-e-Seminar, Baghran District in Hilmand Province. 7 killed by unknow gunmen

08-01-2001 Yakaolang massacres – Taliban attacked Yakaolang’s villages and killed over 300 civilians

20-09-1998 Bamiyan massacres – Taliban killed more than 100 civilians in Dasht-e-Esa Khan in Bamiyan

08-08-1998 Chimtal district in Balkh province of north Afghanistan – Killed 172 civilian – Taliban

08-08-1998 Mazar-e-Sharif massacre – thousands of Hazara civilians have been massacred by the Taliban from 8 – 11 August 1998

13-03-1995 Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari & eight other top leaders of Wahdat Party, tortured and murdered by Taliban in Char Asiab, southern Kabul, Afghanistan

11-02-1993 Afshar Massacre in West Kabul – Killed thousinds. Ordered by: Ahmad Shah Masood, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, Burhanuddin Rabbani & Sayed Hussein Anwari