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Eng. Ghulam Nabi Khedri

Detailed information

Full Name: Eng. Ghulam Nabi Khedri
Father's Name: Ghulam Sakhi
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Marital Status: Married
Ethnicity: Hazara
Occupation: Employee at Ministry of Coal Mines
Was living in: West Kabul, Afghanistan
Killed on: July 23, 2017
Killed in: Car bombblast
Perpetrators: Taliban
Buried in: Hazara graveyard west Kabul
Country: Afghanistan
Telephone: Yes
E-mail Address: No
Consent letter:

Eng. Ghulam Nabi Khedri, victim of

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

At least 35 people have been killed and more than 40 wounded after a suicide car bomb targeted a bus carrying staff of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in Kabul, Afghanistan. Taliban claimed the responsibility.

در پی حمله انتحاری یک موتر بمب گذاری شده به اتوبوس حامل کارکنان وزارت معادن و پترولیم در کابل، دست کم ۳۵ نفر کشته و بیش از ۴۰ نفر دیگر زخمی شدند. طالبان مسئولیت حمله را بر عهده گرفت.