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Mohammad Hussain

Detailed information

Full Name: Mohammad Hussain
Father's Name: Haji Rostam
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Marital Status: Married
Ethnicity: Hazara
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Was living in: Barchi, West Kabul, Afghanistan
Killed on: November 17, 2021
Killed in: Bomb explosion
Perpetrators: ISIS
Buried in: Hazara graveyard west Kabul
Country: Afghanistan
Telephone: No
E-mail Address: No
Consent letter:

Mohammad Hussain, victim of

Magnetic bomb at vehicle 17th November 2021

A magnetic bomb blast in a public minibus in the Hazara area in West Kabul has killed 3 people and injured 4 others. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

انفجار بمب مغناطیسی در یک مینی بوس شهری در منطقه هزاره نشین در غرب کابل، دست کم ۳ کشته و ۴ زخمی برجای گذاشت. داعش مسئولیت این انفجار را بر عهده گرفته است

Mohammad Hussain 35 yers old and his son Ahmad Ali 13, are the victims of this incident
محمد حسن ۳۵ ساله و پسرش احمد علی ۱۳ ساله قربانیان این حادثه هستند.