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Nooragha Qalandari

Detailed information

Full Name: Nooragha Qalandari
Father's Name: Abdul Majid
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Hazara
Occupation: Labor
Was living in: From Oruzgan Khas, but was living in Jibrail, Herat city, Afghanistan
Killed on: April 1, 2022
Killed in: Bomb explosion
Perpetrators: To be determined...
Buried in: Jebraiel Cemetry, Herat
Country: Afghanistan
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Nooragha Qalandari, victim of

Jibrail-e-Herat 01-04-2022

A bomb blast at a playground in the town of Jibrail in Herat City has killed 6 members of Hazara community and injured 25 others. According to unofficial sources, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

انفجار بمب در یک زمین بازی در شهر جبرئیل شهر هرات ۶ تن از مردم هزاره را کشته و ۲۵ تن دیگر را زخمی کرد. به گفته منابع غیر رسمی، داعش مسئولیت این حمله را بر عهده گرفته است.