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Douran Rejaie

Detailed information

Full Name: Douran Rejaie
Father's Name: Boman Ali
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Marital Status: Married
Ethnicity: Hazara
Occupation: Police Officer at Daikundi National Security Directorate
Was living in: Kahour village, Khedir district, Daykundi province, Afghanistan
Killed on: September 7, 2021
Killed in: Gunfire
Perpetrators: Taliban
Buried in: Hometown
Country: Afghanistan
Telephone: Yes
E-mail Address: No
Consent letter:

Douran Rejaie, victim of

Khedir Daykundi

Fourteen policemen who laid down their weapons and surrendered to the Taliban in Khadir district of Daikundi province were shot by the Taliban on the spot. A little girl who was standing near her father was also shot. Watch the clip...

چهارده پولیس که در ولسوالی خدیر ولایت دایکندی اسلحه خود را زمین گذاشته و تسلیم طالبان شده بودند، توسط طالبان در محل تیرباران شدند. یک دختر کوچک که نزدیک پدرش ایستاد بود نیز تیرباران شد.